2018 Themed Summer Reading Club Booking Now!

Spectacular Science Show (45 – 55 min) - $285

A great option to entertain large groups. Mad Science special events are spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain audiences of 30 or more children age 4-12.

FUNshops - Single $150, 4 Pack $520, 6 pack $720

60 minute hands-on programs for up to 25 kids aged 6-12. Every child gets a take-home project.  A variety of topics are available:

CURIOUS: UNDER THE SEA - Jr Biologists check out some creepy creatures from under the sea. They will explore buoyancy and take home an Anaglyph Sea Puzzle.

INTENSE: WALLOPING WEATHER - Jr Meteorologists discover how hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms develop, and how powerful they can be! They will be able to consult their personal UV Detectors to check whether it’s time to cover up.

EXHILARATING: WATTS UP - Jr Electricians learn about electricity and its role in natural phenomena. The Mad Scientist will make indoor lightning while conducting hair-raising experiments with our electro-static generator! Participants will assemble and take home their own Static Stick.

EAGER: LIGHTS, COLOUR, ACTION - Jr Physicists study reflection and refraction while uncovering the hidden components in ordinary light. They will receive a set of Rainbow Glasses to bring home.

FOCUSED: EXCELLENT ENERGY - Jr Investigators explore the difference between potential and kinetic energy. They will build a Mad Science Catapult to take home.

WACKY: TANTALIZING TASTE - Jr Scientists give their nose and tongue a workout as they examine their sense of taste and smell. They will find out whether they are a mutant super taster, or just an ordinary human! Each child will receive a Taste Kit.


Email or call us with your program choice, date & time.

There is no tax on prices shown. A travel charge may apply.

Mad Science of London

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