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More fun than sitting around playing video games! Challenge your kids brains with fun experiments, cool make-and-take projects and games guaranteed to fill those empty summer days with fun and learning!

We partner with your local YMCA to bring Mad Science and Imagine Arts Academy camps to locations across the Niagara Region. Half the day is spent in our hands-on science or arts programming, and the remainder is filled with YMCA day camp activities. This allows us to provide the bet of both worlds - high quality STEAM based programming, and the camp infrastructure of the YMCA including busing, extended care, and swimming (at most locations) for only $210 per full week of full day camp.

The YMCA Daycamp office can be contacted at 905-934-9755 x280. 

Summer Camp 2019 Themes


Get excited about STEM with the world’s biggest fun STEM provider for kids - Mad Science!

A week of hands-on, minds-on exploration of a variety of topics in STEM with a focus on encouraging creative problem solving and innovation of thought. Discover the innovators of the past, imagine solutions for the future, and hone your STEM brain in understanding how we perceive the universe around us. Campers create cool Mad Science take-homes every day!

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CRAYOLA® ARTIST'S PASSPORT !NEW! Specialty Camp for 2019

The creators of Mad Science introduce a new program designed to unlock your child's creativity and hone their problem solving skills. Campers will embark on an around-the-world cultural adventure! They will explore far off places and learn about the people who live there, from the Americas to Polynesia, from the cosmopolitan to the countryside. They experiment with Crayola products while trying art techniques developed by local artists and artisans. They will make a different masterpiece each week such as masks, prints, buses and more!

Each day Jr. Mad Scientists will explore a new topic in their science adventure. Test soil for “Martian” life and experiment with space suit design. Discover pollution solutions and test what your toes have to do with tennis. Don’t forget the chemical reactions! No Mad Science camp is complete without an explosion or two! Campers take home cool Mad Science take-homes every day!

JUNIOR MAD SCIENCE CAMP  !NEW! Specialty Camp for ages 5-6
Each day these littlest of Mad Scientists will explore a different STEM topic in a fun and hands-on way! Spend a day as a Zoologist, then continue your Biology excitement with an exploration of the Human Body. Put on your Chemistry googles as you check out state changes in matter, and round out the week with Engineering and Physics! Campers take home cool Mad Science take-homes every day!

Summer Camp Locations 2019

    Wk1 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk2 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp
    Wk3 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp
    Wk4 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk5 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk5 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk6 Rockin Rockets Camp
    Wk7 Rockin Rockets Camp
    Wk8 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk8 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp

      Wk1 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk2 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk3 Rockin Rockets Camp
    Wk4 Rockin Rockets Camp
    Wk6 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp
    Wk6 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk7 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp

    Wk3 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk4 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp
   Wk8 Rockin Rockets Camp

    Wk2 Rockin Rockets Camp
    Wk3 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk6 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk7 Junior Mad Science Camp
    Wk8 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp

    Wk2 Crayola® Artist's Passport Camp
    Wk7 Chemistry Claws & Constellations Camp

    Wk5 Rockin Rockets Camp