It is unfortunate that it is often the students that would most benefit from the Mad Science Club program that can least afford it. Part of ELEO's mandate is to make sure that all kids have access to our extra-curricular programming. Below you will find funding options that can be accessed to help get kids into the program.

PROkids - Families with incomes less than $40000 may be eligible for funding. If eligible, kids can draw upon $100 in a calendar year for recreational programming (note that summer camps are not eligible). The easiest way to apply is through their website at Please note that it is your responsibility to provide the information that they request in a timely manner. Mad Science needs to have PROkids authorization before the classes begin, so make sure you start the process as soon as possible.

50% off coupons - We provide each school where our programs run with a number of discount coupons. Sometimes schools do not have a specific 'plan' for these coupons.

If you have explored both these options, you can contact us and we can work with you to explore other options.