Science Odyssey is a ten-day national campaign that celebrates Canadian achievements in science, technology, engineering and math. Every year in May, hundreds of science outreach leaders deliver fun, engaging and inspiring activities to Canadians of all ages. Mad Science of Niagara & London is proud to be one of those outreach leaders. CLICK HERE for Science Odyssey Outreach Events near you

Science Odyssey encourages families to do science activities together between May 11 and May 20. CLICK HERE to download a booklet of science experiments you can try at home or come to the Mad Sciencepalooza at the Welland Wellness Centre as part of the Victoria Day celebrations (May 20 evening - CLICK for more details)

Although Mad Science families don't need any extra encouragement, prizes are always awesome! By completing 3 science activities during Science Odyssey (don't forget to take pictures, you'll need to prove it!) you can enter to win great prizes including robots, tech, entry into Science Centres across Canada and science literature.

SciOd 2018 prizes
To make it easy, here are some videos with experiments the you can try at home that will satisfy the contest entry requirements.

STEP 1 - Do 3 Science Activities (don't forget to take pictures)

STEP 2 - Submit Your Entry Online

Once you have completed your science activities, upload your pics and submit your entry to Science Odyssey using the online form HERE

SMALL PRINT - The contest is run by OwlKids through the Science Odyssey. Mad Science has nothing to do with the contest beyond our efforts to increase awareness of Science Odyssey. Please familiarize yourself with the contest rules as posted on the Owlkids website.