2018 Themed Summer Reading Club Booking Now!

Spectacular Science Show (45 – 55 min) - $285

A great option to entertain large groups. Mad Science special events are spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain audiences of 30 or more children age 4-12.

FUNshops - Single $150, 4 Pack $520, 6 pack $720

60 minute hands-on programs for up to 25 kids aged 6-12. Every child gets a take-home project.  A variety of topics are available:

CURIOUS: DINOSAURS - Jr Paleontologists will learn the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals while having the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close.  They will also participate in a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention as well as their scientific skills.

EAGER: HARNESSING HEAT - Jr Physicists will witness a hot air balloon launch while learning the properties of heat. Get warmed up with the science of friction!

INTENSE: FUNDAMENTAL FORCES - Jr Scientists will experience gravity, inertia & centripetal forces. They will rotate through several stations while investigating these amazing forces at work!

EXHILARATING: CHEM IN A FLASH - Jr Chemists will take a trip through several fields of chemistry and discover the factors that can change the rate of a reaction. They will see quick-acting reactions such as precipitation while stretching science to the limits.

FOCUSED: ELECTRIFYING SCIENCE - Jr Electricians will take a tour on the electron freeway! Alligator clips, batteries & lights! Oh my! Children will focus on current electricity and circuitry.

WACKY: pH FACTOR - Jr Investigators will explore the crazy chemistry of acids and bases in this fascinating class on the pH scale. Hydrogen and hydroxide give a colourful introduction, and the pHantastic pH test is applied to common household chemicals.


Email or call us with your program choice, date & time.

There is no tax on prices shown. A travel charge may apply.

Mad Science of Niagara

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