Free Workshops for Science Odyssey 2018

Funding provided by NSERC

Through a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), a limited number of Mad Science 100 minute curriculum based workshops are available at no cost to the school.

Mad Science’s in-class workshops are the perfect ‘spark’ to introduce a new unit or as a culminating activity to consolidate learning. Our programming is designed by a team of scientists, educators and entertainers to make sure that students are meaningfully engaged in what they are learning. Our hands-on approach and animated instructors get students excited about science and about learning.

NSERC is paying everything. That includes taxes, travel charges and takehomes. Give a big thank you to NSERC! 

Programs must be delivered between May 11 and May 20 2018. There is a limited amount of funding available, bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis.  These programs are designed for individual classes; please do not combine groups. Priority will be given to schools from areas where fundraising is more difficult due to economic factors.


Giggles and screeches of amazement is the plan for the night as your mini Mad Scientists get excited about science! Sure, there are learning outcomes, but the main thing at this age is to create enthusiasm about science.

Bubbling Potions - States of Matter and Changes of State are introduced while girls are WOWed with Bubbling, foaming Mad Science potions!

Light & Colour - Explore Colour Theory and Properties of Light while making rainbows and watching fireworks!


Get Brownies excited about science while satisfying badge requirements

Just for Fun - You just want an end of year science party 'cause the Brownie year is coming to end and you are sick and tired of badge work!

KEY to STEM (#2 #3) - Capture your own Mad Scientist and dive into chemical reactions!

KEY to Living World - Let Mad Science help get your thumbs green!  


Get Guides excited about science while satisfying badge requirements of the Guides on the Go! Program.  A variety of topics are available:


Get excited about chemistry with chemical reactions and mixtures! Explore a variety of reactions, write invisible messages and create your own ooey gooey chemical concoction to take home. Satisfies 5 of the 8 badge requirements (plus 2 bonus Science badge requirements)


Discover how hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms develop, and how powerful they can be! Our junior meteorologists will be making more reliable forecasts than the local news. Just ask students to consult their personal UV detectors to check whether it’s time to cover up!

Satisfies 5 of the 8 badge requirements (plus 2 bonus Science badge requirements) 



Take off on a Mad Science exploration of the universe! Explore the solar system and beyond! Make your own star map to explore the skies at home.

Satisfies 5 of the 8 badge requirements (plus 1 bonus Science badge requirement) 

Lights, Colour, Action

Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light! Reflect, refract and transmit as you explore the characteristics of light. There’s no fun like photon fun!

Satisfies #5-#8 of Physics badge requirements (plus 1 bonus Science badge requirement) 



Find out how simple machines make our lives easier. Try out different types of simple machines: levers, wedges, incline planes, wheels and axles, and pulleys, through various hands-on activities. Rig a pulley system and build a Mad Science Drag Racer to take home.

Satisfies 5 of the 8 badge requirements (plus 1 bonus Science badge and Physics #3) 


The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build your very own Mad Science

 stunt plane (see image). You’ll be a Top Gun after this class!

Satisfies 4 of the 8 badge requirements and provides instructions for a 5th (plus 2 bonus Science badge requirements)


For purposes of grant record keeping, please use our webform to request a booking date CLICK HERE

(but if you are really opposed to webforms, you can email or call us with your program choice, date & time.)


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