Workshop FAQs

Designed by a professional team of educators and scientists, Mad Science workshops are designed to support curriculum requirements and objectives.

Thank you for your interest in Mad Science Workshops! Here are some answers to common questions:

What is the difference between your workshop types?
All of our workshops enhance your students' understanding of the curriculum. We have certain topics that have been designed to specifically correlate to Ontario Curriculum requirements. Since Mad Science is a worldwide organization, we also have access a variety of other programming that, although not designed for the Ontario Curriculum, often fits well, or that students think is just so awesome that it doesn't matter what specific expectations get checked off or not. The main difference is the amount of time the Mad Scientist will spend with the children. For teachers seeking Mad Science's help in presenting curriculum material, the half-day program offers the  highest 'science per dollar' ratio. For teachers seeking an additional activity to reinforce what the children have already learned, or just to generate excitement about science and learning, the shorter timeframes might work fine.

Shouldn't you be charging more?
That's what the accountant tells me! Science education is important. Kids that don't have Mad Science come to their classes don't benefit from what we have to offer. Our other programs (shows, birthday parties etc) play the important role of revenue generation so that we can offer workshops as inexpensively as possible, so that we can reach more kids.
Can we combine classes?
The easy answer is no. In order to provide the appropriate hands-on experience, we need to have the right equipment-to-kid ratio. Putting too many kids in a group means that we cannot provide the proper quality of program. If you have small classes, or if you are wanting to combine groups from split grade classes, we are happy to discuss special arrangements that will fit your needs without impacting the quality of the experience.
How does it work with JK and SK groups?
We have special programs for our little friends, designed for their attention span and specific interests!

How long in advance do I need to book?
We recommend 4 - 6 weeks before your event date. If you are going to be using our Teacher Resource Package to complement the workshop, allow a little extra time to go over the pre-events with your class before we come out for the actual workshop.  Just call 905-937-1878 for more information or to book your workshop!
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes! You will be pleased with your Mad Science workshop or we will make it right!