Scouting Programs

Virtual STEAM Bundle

for Scouting Units

Yes we have virtual programming!

We have a number of topics available through Mad Science for scouting troops.

Virtual programs are live and unmuted so that participants can interact with the instructor and with each other. A big part of our in-person programs is the hands-on aspect, which we didn't want to lose in moving to a virtual format. Therefore, we provide supply packs so that your beavers, cubs, scouts will have the materials to be able to follow along and perform the activities at home. We deliver (or ship) supply packs to you centrally assuming you already have a distribution system in place.

We like Zoom for our virtual programs but can accommodate your preferred platform.

We also provide extension activities for participants to pursue at home after the program, which you can use as individual activities, or as a follow-up meeting if you would like. 

Use the Form at the bottom of the page to request a visit.

Single Visit - $150

Includes up to 10 participants, additional guests - $4ea

*additional shipping costs may apply for far away units


What are in the supply packs? It's probably easier to list what isn't. Kids will need scissors, a pencil, a glass of water and mess containment materials (papertowel, newspaper for table etc), and perhaps a bowl. Everything else that is needed to complete the activities are provided in the supply packs. A website of extension materials is also provided to that kids can explore the topic beyond the hour of structured programming or so that if a kid missed the meeting, they would still be able to do the supply pack activities. If your kids all have access to washable markers we can offer premium topics without changing the price.

What does 'far away' mean for shipping? These rates are for programs delivered in the Niagara, London and Windsor Mad Science territories. We cannot deliver programming if you are in a different Mad Science territory, you will have to contact your local office. If it costs us more than our budget of $18 to get the materials to you, we pass on the additional cost.

How far in advance do we need to book? We will need to assemble the supply kits for your program and deliver them to you, then you will need time to distribute them to your kids. Trying to do all this in less than 2 weeks could get stressful. Not impossible, but...

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