Virtual Party London

Celebrate together... even when you have to be apart!

A live, interactive STEM experience from the comfort and safety of your home

Virtual Party - $200

  • 60-min interactive science show

  • Price includes supplies for up to 13 party participants. (additional packs - $4ea)

  • Supply Packs include materials for hands-on activities that are completed during the show

  • Individually packaged Supply Packs are delivered to the party host

  • Time to socialize with friends online for up to 15 minutes after the party.

Mandatory - The program is delivered through the Zoom online platform. Guests will need access through a computer, Apple or Android phone

Optional - Party Upgrades! Add goody bags for $5 each, t-shirts for $6 each or both for $9/child.

Live & Interactive - Click your mic and camera into the on position! Kids get enough sitting in front of a screen by themselves these days. We want to connect with your kids and provide them with the communal experience of being together with their friends. The Mad Scientist can see and hear the kids so as to be able to adapt the programming depending on their reactions. Kids can see and hear their friends and engage with the Mad Scientist just like if we were there in person.

Hands-on - Just because the Mad Scientist is separated by screen and distance doesn't mean that we have to lose any of the hands-on engagement that Mad Science is known for. We deliver individually packaged supplies for you to distribute to your guests that contain the tools and consumables that they will need so that everyone can be doing the experiments at the same time.

Hassle-free - Okay, lets go with hassle-limited. Although you do have to answer some questions to book the party, forward the virtual invitation to your guests and distribute the supply packs, you don't have the hassle of: creating cool virtual programming, having a gang of kids in your house, worrying about social distancing, masks or infection.

Safe - Mad Science exists in 170 locations around the world. We know what we are doing and are not allowed to send the dangerous stuff to you!

Get Excited about learning - We know a party is all about the entertainment, but doesn't it feel good that your kids are getting excited about something that builds their brains and will be useful in later life?

What you need to do:

  1. Book the party. That's the easy part!

  2. Select a date for your supply pack delivery. We recommend ~ 2 weeks before your party to allow guests time to RSVP. Depending on your location, packages will be shipped via Canada Post or delivered by Mad Science.

  3. Forward the invitation we provide to your guests. The invitation will include the Zoom link.

  4. Distribute the supply packs to your party guests.

  5. Login 10min before the party start time so that we can introduce ourselves to the Bday child and ensure that your tech is all working. Once you are all set, we will let the kids in from the waiting room so that we can get everyone's screen names corrected before the official go time.

  6. Following the party, we can leave the meeting open for up to 15 minutes if you'd like additional social time (maybe you delivered cupcakes to everyone, maybe you haven't seen gramma in a while, maybe you want to talk about how great the Mad Science experiments were!). Depending on our schedule for the day, we may be able to leave the meeting open longer than 15 minutes. Please enquire closer to your party date.


What if my child has participated in Mad Science virtual programming before? - Please let us know if your child has done a virtual Mad Science program (of any kind - workshop, science club, party, show) before. We want to ensure that your party programming is suitably distinct from what they may have seen before.

Do I need to download Zoom? - You will need to download zoom for your browser. You do not have to download the zoom program, pay for zoom or set up a zoom account.

Will the guests need anything else besides their supply packs? - There are some basic household supplies that kids will need (scissors, plate, glass of water etc). Details are on the coversheet of each supply pack.

When is the balance due and how can I pay? - There is a $50 deposit to hold the time and date of the party due at the time of booking. Etransfer or credit card works great.

What is your cancellation policy? - Your deposit is forfeit if you cancel within 2 weeks of the party date. If we have sent you supplies or goody bags we can make refund arrangements once those items are returned.

What if some of my guests live out of town? - There are some advantages to virtual! We can ship supplies to out of town guests. There will be an additional charge to cover the postage.